Thursday, 20 September 2012

Forgiveness and Gratitude

You have to really want to let go to be able to fully forgive your past.  People say they have 'Let Go' but you can probably bet your bottom dollar that 85% have not 'Let Go', the percentage is high, but it's true to it's number.

Forgiveness may come in many colours but you can't fake this emotion, because your heart can't fake gratitude, it can't fake forgiveness, it has to be 100% ready to release whatever it was, to stand in your own moment and say 'hey you know what, this was a crappy place I was in and I acted like a tool, can we forgive and rebuild' It can't be one sided and it can't be one person doing all the repair work.

With any relationship/friendship breakdown it always takes two people to have the meltdown and a most of the time it's lack of understanding, throw in the ego and we are dancing round that camp fire burning our asses on the cinders!  You know I'm right!

In all honesty, forgiveness is hard, you really have to want it, but on the flip side of that, surely you want to release the pain and anger that it sat somewhere deep inside of you?  Be grateful for the lessons you learned and take those lessons with you into the future ensuring that you don't make the same mistake the next time, that's truly how we know if we have learned all lesson...... it stops showing up !!

To truly Let Go, be thankful, and move forward.  You deserve the best life possible and by holding on to negativity you are not allowing all those yummy goodies to come to you because, like I always say, like attracts like, if you're putting out there that, 'I always meet asshats' then the universe will give you an abundance of asshats!  if you affirm ' I attract kind caring people who love me for who I am' then that's what the universe will give you.  Every thought is an affirmation, can you imagine how many negative affirmations you have in your head in one day?  not just the thoughts about yourself but other people too.... that's not good is it?

So Change, forgiveness is key, whether you are forgiving yourself or whether you are forgiving others, release the negativity around the situation, send them love and light and move on with a smile on your face and love in your heart, you don't have to attach to the drama if you choose not to, your life is for living not for living in the past so, release it all, art it out, journal it out, scream at the top of your lungs, what ever works for you but let it go and feel the love, honestly it's the best way to move forward.

You can't control people or how their minds work, but you can control yourself, should they wish not to make you part of their future know its OK, you learnt all you could from the friendship/relationship, the universe will replace that with something bigger and better...... if you let it of course.

Bright Blessings


  1. Truer words could not have been written. great post!

  2. Love it! And so so so very true... A hard lesson to learn but you need to learn it so YOU can be happy. Bump the other person... It's about y-o-u! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you beautiful, so nice to see you over on my blog x

  3. Pixie....
    You write so well !!
    Such a gift.

    Forgiveness is so hard sometimes. But carrying it around is heavier !!! Feels so much better to let go of it & just love.
    Thank you for these 'words of wisdom'.
    Judy xx

    1. Well thank you for the compliment, I love to write, probably why my throat chakra is always over active hahahaha

      Forgiveness is so hard, but you know what, its so worth the work, to be able to forgive is so freeing and brings you much more love